The brand new apartments Drom Borgo Stella and Drom Serumido, are located on the ground floor, in the initial part of a small courtyard garden (of the same owner, Claudia) which is accessed by a blue gate located in Via dei Serragli 137. The value to live in this apartment is therefore the tranquility and the real feeling of being in a restful oasis located in the immediate vicinity of the historical and tourist center of Florence.

This area is indeed rich in private green spaces such as the Torrigiani gardens, Corsi and the renowned Boboli Gardens, the latter open to the public, but it is also very close to the main attractions of the city such as Palazzo Pitti (9 min) and Ponte Vecchio (13 min) after which you immediately access the most visited monuments of Florence such as the Uffizi, Palazzo Signoria, the Duomo.